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Thanks Bryan! The cheek hey?!! All of you have a good week, stay alert and take care - Jackie
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For those who haven’t heard, this happened on Friday in Caley str, Eldoraigne. Congratulations to all involved. Together, the community is getting somewhere. ;-)




This article was originally published on page 3 of Pretoria News on September 11, 2010


Suspected burglar killed after trying to flee


    September 11 2010 at 03:28PM

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By Graeme Hosken 

A suspected burglar was shot dead and two others arrested after a cat-and-mouse game between police, community members and the suspects in one of Pretoria's most dangerous suburbs.

Yesterday's killing and arrests occurred shortly after an Eldoraigne resident, who had just returned from a business trip to Germany, spotted three men breaking into his neighbour's house.

The businessman, who asked not to be named, was standing at his front door when a white BMW, which had been stolen in Joburg earlier this month, stopped outside his house.

The man walked to his front gate to investigate. As he got to the gate the suspects, unperturbed, reversed into his neighbour's garden, parked, got out of the car, put on gloves and took a pick-axe head from the boot and broke into the house. "When I saw them stop and put on gloves and take out the axe, I knew they were not here for tea," he said.

Running inside his house the businessman pushed the panic button hoping the suspects would be scared. Instead, the men casually strolled back to the car and reversed into a cul-de-sac before they stopped and waited to see if anyone reacted.

When, after waiting for 10 minutes in the car and neither police, nor alarm companies responded, the men returned to their target.

"When I saw them come back to my neighbour's house I immediately took down their vehicle registration and telephoned police.

"I could hear them breaking open a gate and smashing open a door. I phoned my alarm company and several others and told them what was happening."

Within minutes the road was sealed off and police and security guards searched the house.

One of the men, believed to have been the getaway driver, jumped over a wall and ran to his car with police in pursuit.

When the man refused to surrender and tried to resist arrest by getting into the BMW and driving off, a policeman opened fire, shooting the suspect twice in the chest.

Fatally wounded, the man continued to drive and crashed into the wall of a business on the corner of Willem Botha and Caley streets.

Collapsing to the ground when he tried to run from the badly damaged car, the man died before paramedics arrived.

The dead suspect's alleged accomplices were arrested by police and security guards moments later. They had been hiding in the gardens of neighbouring homes after being chased over several garden walls.

The businessman said he was astounded by what had happened.

"I definitely didn't expect this on my first day back. Maybe on the second day, but definitely not on the day I returned," he said laughing.

He added that he was grateful that he had been able to help stop the crime by raising the alarm.

Wierdabrug police station spokeswoman Captain Agnes Huma, whose police precinct is the fourth most dangerous in the country when in comes to house robberies, said the two suspects would appear in court soon on charges of burglary and possession of housebreaking equipment.

She said the suspect who was shot dead refused to surrender and tried to resist arrest. "No more arrests are expected although investigations are continuing," she said.