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Hello again!
I don't want to scaremonger you, but I do want you all to be more aware and vigilant - for your own safety and that of others!! Today's Pretoria News has a full page (3) report about the SAPS and CPFs in Pretoria and how we should work together. Unfortunately, they've changed their subscription rules and one can only get articles online, if one has an online subscription - the Embassy has the paper version. Makes for  interesting reading though!!
Take care - Jackie
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Morning everyone,


Are you aware of these incidents? I just received this email now. If the CPF can confirm these incidents, could you perhaps send communication out Jackie?

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Quite disturbing news!




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Crime wave hits Pretoria suburbs

7 September 2010, 09:09

By Graeme Hosken and Karabo Seanego


Pretoria's south-west suburbs are under siege following a spate

of house robberies and burglaries which have left residents living in fear.

The crime wave of armed robberies, assaults and burglaries, has left residents demanding action from police who they claim are not

interested in their safety.

Police sources and security company ADT have confirmed an

increase in the number of attacks on households across the area.

"These guys are operating with impunity and are attacking homes everywhere. We believe there are a number of syndicates targeting these areas with

several of them splitting up and attacking different areas at the

same time," said a detective.

These syndicates were using various vehicles to commit their

crimes and specifically targeting cash and luxury electrical

appliances, he said.

The policeman's concerns have been backed up by ADT. The

security company confirmed an increase in burglaries and house

robberies at its clients' homes in Valhalla and Wierda Park.

ADT spokeswoman Lizel Swart said they had not noticed any

specific pattern but there was a clear increase, especially in the

past three months.

"These attacks are happening throughout the day at different

times, with a definite increase in the Wierda Park area," she said.

The increase, claim residents, has them living in fear of their lives.

For Jameel Bhana the fear is very real. His wife Soomaya and their

domestic narrowly escaped injury when their house was

ransacked on August 18 by four men driving a metallic blue

Toyota Conquest.

The two were forced to hide and lock themselves in an outside

cottage when the gang forced their way into their home.

"I was cooking when I heard footsteps followed by an

aggressive knock on the front door. I became suspicious and

told the domestic that I would not open the door."

What followed was a terrifying ordeal. The two women watched

the men using a crowbar to try to break open a security door

before they smashed open a window.

"We just heard glass break. Before we knew it they were in

the kitchen. I quickly called my neighbour and begged her for

help. I told her to go outside and scream at them.

"Despite being discovered and the neighbour yelling that the

police were on their way the suspects continued looting the

house before they fled."

Jameel Bhana said through his enquiries he had discovered

several other houses had been burgled by the same men.

"I spoke to a domestic across the road from the house that was

burgled in Freya Road. She described the same vehicle and

people who had come into their home."

Bhana said that home owner had told him that she thought the

men were contractors but when she heard glass breaking, she

knew something was wrong.

"She later saw the four suspects carrying items from the house

and placing them in the blue Toyota Conquest and fleeing the

scene," he said.

For Sydney Cowley discovering his Freya Road house ransacked

and his electrical household appliances missing was a

nightmare. It appears, police said, that his house was attacked

shortly after the four-man gang had fleeced Bhana's home.

"My neighbour saw a car in the driveway and heard some

banging in the house. She thought it was my father who

often comes round. But when she saw three men running out

of the house with electrical goods she activated her panic

button," said Cowley.

The burglars knew what they were doing, taking the right

power supply cables for the computer and laptops and

picking the correct remote for the Play Station 3.

"The community is fed-up. These people come into our homes in

broad daylight," said Cowley.

Bhana said he was furious. A policeman who came to his

house for follow up investigations the next day, told

him that there were no leads in the case and his docket had been


"I told him about the other burglaries and gave him a

description of the car, but he said the docket would be filed

until we could update him with new leads.

"Why should we update him? Surely he should follow up the

information we have given him?"

Wierdabrug police station spokeswoman Captain Agnes

Huma said they were aware of the crime increases and had put

a plan in place to target criminals.

"We cannot divulge that plan. We have had a number of successes,

which we can also not reveal. "We are appealing to the

community to assist us in combating burglaries and house

robberies by ensuring their doors and windows are locked,

not leaving valuables in cars parked outside their houses and

burning the boxes of electrical appliances instead of throwing

them in dustbins.

"We want residents to do this because if criminals see

appliance boxes they know you have just bought new goods,

which they will try to steal."




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