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Alan Holm
E-Blockwatch Dog Poisoning Report

Date Reported: 2004-09-03 22:56:35
Incident Date: 2004-09-03 09:00:00
Type of Incident: Crime Alert
Area Description: Eldoraigne and Wierda Park areas in Centurion
Description: Toyota Corolla White DKM854GP.

On the morning of Friday, 3 September 2004, the following dog poisoning incident occurred in Eldoraigne Ext 6:

An older white Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLE with registration number DKM 854 GP and with four occupants, was seen driving around in Eldosec. A roving security guard on a bicycle on duty at the time, noted the vehicle details and enquired with the occupants. He was told that they were looking for someone. The driver wore a black leather jacket, a red striped shirt and blue pants.

At the address, a person outside the garden wall, wearing a green jacket, was seen looking over the wall by one of the occupants of the house. The dog, a border collie which normally sleeps inside the house, was let out at about 09:00. The dog was found dead on the premises by 15:00. A veterenarian has confirmed malicious dog poisoning. The animal suffered badly. One of the typical symptoms was excessive bleeding. The guard patrolling the area assisted after the incident and provided valuable information. The local home owner's association, the police, and other parties who hold interests had all been informed by the evening.

Across the road, a second dog also fell ill earlier in the day and had been taken to a veterenarian (approximately by 07:00). Poisoning could not be confirmed, and the second dog is still undergoing treatment.

Pet owners are advised to especially watch their pets. Extreme caution is advised.

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